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Narrow sightlines

There is no quality more readily associated with steel windows and doors than narrow sightlines. Their slender lines have been incorporated into all types of buildings over the years with an elegance which cannot be matched by the bulky profiles of aluminium, wood or pvc. The minimalist aspect of steel windows derives from the superior strength-to-volume ratio of the material.


The strength of steel is a prime reason for its success as a window and door framing material. Steel framed windows have been tested to the latest European standards for resistance to racking and twist, which exceeded the recommended requirements and satisfied maximum ratings.

Safe and secure

Steel is the first choice for keeping intruders out. Steel windows and doors offer superior resistance to impact from accidental collision, as well as proven solutions to fire resistance of 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

Elegant and versatile

The simple, aesthetic elegance of steel means it is suited to both traditional and contemporary building designs, for internal, as well as external fenestration to achieve a subtle impact.


The source of steel billet, rod and strip, from which steel window profiles are formed, is basic steel smelted from almost 100% recycled steel scrap. When they are finally replaced, the original windows can be systematically dis-mantled and the frames, fittings and glass recycled.

Thermal performance

The slender lines of steel frames enhance the glass-to-frame ratio. As the thermal performance of windows is dictated more by the choice of insulating glass than the material of the frame, even solid steel windows and doors can demonstrate compliance with the energy conservation requirements of the high standard building regulations.

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